Don't miss that interview


I just want to share a tweet from @ChesterBNetwork, because it’s so funny. It’s an interview with Chester & Brad at Rock im Park.

First the interviewer - called Christina - caught Brad off guard. And then Brad confuses Christina. Verry sweet!

You can watch it here.


Thanks for sharing! I watched it and thought it was adorable! [wink] Chester and Brad totally threw her for a loop! Haha! Loved it!


Haha brilliant! I think Brad is desperate… ;D

Chester: “So yeah, its really good for us, they get tickets to the next show - its kinda an oversell” I just died laughing :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, that one is so freakin’ funny :smiley:


Haha, I already saw it yes and I am so loving this interview! The best one I’ve seen so far of this year. Haha, and she is so trying to stick to the questions on her cards :P.
This just makes me love all the band members even more :).


that was sweeeeeeeeeeet :wink: she was just distroyed…


I can’t tell if she hates them now or loves them xD


Saw this yesterday. It’s mad funny how Brad messes with her the whole time! haha


I don’t want keep back this: Because I liked that Interview, I mailed to “Christina” to talk about it. She told me, that it was very windy there and she could understand Chester & Brad very poorly. But both have been very cool and entertaining. Above all, Chester! After the interview, he clap on her shoulder and said “good job”. And finally Chester spent her a Coke - to recover [biggrin].