Download to Donate/Hurricane Sandy


With Hurricane Sandy that happened on the East Coast, I think Linkin Park should do an exclusive song in honor of those at the East Coast just like they did for Japan and Haiti. Another Download to Donate charity. What do you guys think? Hopefully this word can be passed on to them so that they get an idea :slight_smile:


I would love another song but, man, what you said sounds like this is just an excuse for a new song. I know that’s not what you thinking…


Sorry that this may seem unflamboyant. At least you understood :slight_smile:

[quote=Leonardo Mazzarella]I would love another song but, man, what you said sounds like this is just an excuse for a new song. I know that’s not what you thinking…


I think this is a great idea. I live on the East Coast. I didn’t get hit hard, but me and my family drove around and there were peoples belongings in the water. People that I knows whole back yard where their pool used to be is now the bay. And its really sad. I really hope they do this. If they do it for other country’s, it should definitely be done for their home country


I agree… I think they should do one & maybe even, a concert where all the proceeds go to those affected by Sandy.


Yeah, I would support that. Not just for Hurricane Sandy issues.

Donation via iTunes would be so easy, because no credit card or Paypal is necessary. We could just use our iTunes credit. I remember a Red Cross donation action on iTunes in connection with the tsunami disaster. There were 3 different amounts that could be choosen to donate. With one klick the donation was made without downloading a song or whatever. I don’t need a new song to make a donation. And if iTunes regulations says, it’s necessary to donwload something, man, they could put any title or maybe a video there.

But I don’t know if Apple take fees from Music For Relief for such things.


Hello everyone

I’m from NYC and I can tell you right now this was the biggest storm I’ve ever seen…I made it through unscathed but a lot of my family, friends, and even my co-workers were hit hard. Then we just had a Nor’Easter last night that added salt to an already bad injury. If LP wants to do something to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, that’s wonderful. But I’m calling to the fans for duty…You guys could help make a difference…contact Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army, etc…and donate anything you can; even if it’s $1, a can of food, blood or even a pair of socks.


I’m in New Jersey and hurricane sandy was unreal. There are no words to describe the devistation in nj and ny and the sadness felt for those that lost everything. I didn’t make out too bad - just had no power, heat or running water for 7 days but that’s minor. Sadly there are still many without power and in the cold. Then we just got about 3-6 inches of snow last night. Unbelievable! Things are still really bad and help is definatley needed. Donate money or donate supplies! Every little bit helps and I’m also glad to see music for relief is helping those effected. #rebuildtheshore


I heard somewhere that promotional cds for CASTLE OF GLASS will be sold with the profits will be donated.


LP will donate all proceeds from Castle Of Glass to the Help The Heroes campaign. Link to Mike Shinoda Clan