Drawing of Mike


My first pencil drawing of Mike.
Love that scene from the Catalyst so that I tried to draw it :wink:


Sorry, here’s the picture…


Cool :slight_smile:


Wow. So nice picture)
And I love this scene from The Catalyst too - epic moment)


excellent work and awesome shading detail in the folds of the clothes!


Woah, this is so awsome! Love it .
You really should draw more =)


That’s really awesome! :slight_smile:


very awesome, i like the style and colors you used


Wow it loooks great! Good job :slight_smile:
That’s not an easy drawing to do with all the fog around him either and you pulled it off really well.


thank you so much for your kind replies, guys!! :slight_smile:

i’ve already done some other drawings, cause it was so much fun to start drawing again (haven’t done that for years) so thanks again for your opinions!! that motivated me :wink:


It’s really good. Post your other drawings too :slight_smile: