Drawing therapy


Been listening to LP music while drawing LP- I feel much better now since the news.

My initial thought was to only draw Chaz but I love these guys so much, I have decided to draw the whole band. Is still in progress… Is 3/6 atm…

Joe,Dave and Rob to follow :slight_smile:


I love you art man!!! You are just amazing!! :heart_eyes:
You are a great artist!! Keep it up!
I would like to know what tools you used pls :blush:


You made a very good drawing! :star_struck: Waiting for your other art work! :smiley: Me too would to know how you made it… :relaxed:


Hello :slight_smile: thanks

I’m no pro,I just experiment with whatever I can get. This is the kit I am using.

Is a charcoal set, comes in black and white too.


thanks for sharing! Keep it up!you’re very good at it! :smiley:


Dude that is one the most realistic drawings I’ve seen so far. Good job!!


They’re so good! Very well done, I’d love to be able to draw like this!

Looking forward to seeing the following


Thanks guys… It really means alot… :slight_smile: I will take a night off, continue tmrw .


Incredible artwork! Well done! :blush: You’re right, drawing is a great form of therapy.


Looks so real. Shades,…just wow


Current progress…

Phoenix and Rob to follow



I loved you art… :heart: It’s a great progress


Amazing!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Just wow :heart_eyes:


Wow. This is amazing! Love it :heart::heart::heart:


Amazing artwork. Keep it up


The art work is so amazing and lifelike i love it great work .


I think it is done, ish :slight_smile:


Woah!!! it’s extraordinary!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: You did a very good and well done art work! amazing! :smiley:


Thank you… i hope everyone is doing well. I miss Chaz, such a good bloke!