Dream Blinkin Park Mashups


In light of Mike and Mark making music together at Midem today, I wanted to ask you all which LP and Blink songs you think would make great mashups.

I know that so far there isn’t any news of a mashup, but IF they were going to (we can all dream, right? :smile:) , which songs do you think would fit well together and why? Is it their meanings, tempo/bpm, chord progression or something else?

Personally I want a One More Light x I Miss You mashup… like I think it could become like a really sad song that goes like “I do… miss you, miss you…” since they’re both about losing someone. What do you think? :smiley:


I’m not a huge Blink-182 fan myself, I only like a few songs, but I love mashups. I know this isn’t adding much to the conversation because you wanted specific combos, but it’d be awesome if they did some sort of mashup live, and I’m not even attending any concerts they’re playing at