Dresden Listening Meet Up


We are planning a little meet up at the Elbufer in Dresden. Dresden number one hang out place with a amazing view.

The release date for Germany is the 22nd of June( Friday). Meetingplace is the Augustusbr�¼cke (Augustus Bridge). In the near of the Neumarkt. Maybe we can start around 6pm and listening to the new album more then once.

Small change: We start at 6pm.

Feel free to join.


Why does Dresden have to be so far away from Hamburg? It so sad that there won’t be a Listening-Party in Hamburg (or near) :frowning:


Well, HH and Dresden isn´t near by right but that just 4 hours via train. I drove this distance last week and the Elbufer is a good place to arrange this. The landscape there is amazing so that together with the new album it will be a great event.


With a last name of Dresden this would be an IDEAL place to see them with my son…but alas I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic for that…bummer


Good idea. I live in Dresden, I think I’ll come! :slight_smile:


Sure, if you like to come. I’m looking forward to see you!


Small change: We start at 6pm.