DVD South Africa


Hi I was at the Johannesburg Concert on the 10 of November i was wondering who do we speak to so that we can get a recording of the show they make DVD’s for other country’s but how awesome would it be to relive that night?

I would really like to buy a copy of this Show…


I agree! I took a couple vids but nothing could compare to having a real DVD! Oh please please please!!! =D


Unless it was a pro-shot event, it isn’t recorded. Its very expensive to record every show like that. You’re lucky to get professionally recorded audio of it in the copy of a DSP. Check around fan sites, sometimes people record the shows themselves.


Doubt very much there will be a DVD but the Audio Recording of the concert will be released to buy on Linkin Parks download site.



I worked for a Brazilian website called lpamerican.com and some years ago we had talked by phone with one of the Linkin Park managers about the recording of their first concert in Brazil in 2004. He said to us that is impossible to have this, and also said that the images from their concerts is just for TVs or official DVDs, and if you want you should buy them for a BIG PRICE.

But I was thinking: if the concert is part of a music festival, someone has the images from the big screen and this person is not from Linkin Park crew. So I don’t know if it’s true what he said to us.

What you can do for sure is ask for the concert in a local TV channel. We did this here in Brazil and we had images from their second and third concert here.