Early Access NL 2017


Hello, i have trouble to buy tickets with my early access code (not LPU). I pre-ordered the new album and have trouble with buying tickets for the tour concert in Amsterdam. Can anybody help me with finding the correct location where i can buy my tickets?

Greetings, Vince


I have the same problem. It keeps saying that tickets go on sale on friday. I used the link in the email, couldn’t find anything else.


It seems that the early access is gone


You should go to linkinpark.com
To the lpu section, presale and then amsterdam tickets. It shows the OML presale now. Since this evening it is fixed and you can buy your tickets! Enjoy the show :slight_smile:


Last time i checked, 2 min ago, it was still there. I went to linkinpark websit, click on lpu, click on presale, click on event of choice and you will see your screen. For me i had the choice of lpu presale tickets and OML presale tickets.
Hope this helps you!


Well, some people said it’s back. :slight_smile: it was gone at LPU 15


Thanks! It worked, got my tickets!!