Early Access Questions


I’m going to the Cologne concert on the 6th and I have a few questions about my early access laminate:

How much earlier is it the access?

I’m going there with my uncle, can he get early access with my laminate as well or if not can I buy him one or do you need your own LPU account for it?

I just found this (http://lpunderground.com/news/90401/) which seems to answer some of my questions, but is >2 years old so I have no clue how up to date it is.

Also I hope this is the right category now.


The access is about half an hour earlier than the normal schedule, and your uncle has to be an LPU member with his own laminate to enter into the venue at the same time as you!


to get the early access I just need the laminate that thay send you when you subscribe to lpu?