Early entry at concert


My friends and I will be attending the Jan 30, 2015 concert in CT! We are all digital members and we where wondering if and how we prove that we are officially members for the early entry?? Please help we want to be close to the stage as possible!! Thanks


You can make a Print , it is on your Account Site .


I’m pretty sure you can just print out your account page showing that you’re a current LPU member.


Thank you guys


But how exactly does it work? Is the administration known about early enters? And will the print of my account be considered as an actual proof? Thanks and sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language (please correct me, because I have to pass my english exam soon)


I emailed the LPU support about this too! They said that all you have to do is print out your proof of purchase/receipt that was emailed to you. And you can go to http://linkinpark.com/earlyentry on the day of the show to find out when and where you need to go.


Yes, you only need the Print and ID that it for
the early entry.
Have a lot of fun :wink: