Early entry: How early should we really get there?


Hey guys! Sorry if a topic similar to this already exists-I’m on my phone at a hotel with a not very great Internet connection, and it’s not very convenient to check.
Anyway, here’s my question: I’m going to the Chula Vista show tomorrow, and I was just curious, how early should I get there in order to be close to the barricade, or maybe even right on it? I’ve never particularly tried to get front row before considering I’ve nearly always had reserved seating, not GA. I know that in the FAQ it says to be 30 minutes early, but I’m sure tons of LPU members will be there waaay before then. Thanks in advance!


some people get there at like 8am from what ive heard in the past just to wait


Try to get there before noon at least, but 8 to 9 am is your best bet if you want the barricade. Noon will still get you 2 or 3 row, so to speak. As always, prepare yourself right before Linkin Park comes on because people do fall like flies within the first song. Those that don’t, that’s when they get ready to take your place.

Good luck, O-S.


I went to the show in tacoma, and there were maybe 50 of us. We got there about 20 min before the doors went up.


Going to the Chula Vista show as well. However, I cannot sit there in the heat as I have fibromyalgia and it sparks up really badly, also have some breathing problems going on. I would love to sit there, if my body let me tolerate the heat. I will be arriving at 4:30-5:00. Concert doesn’t start till 6:30, and we should be getting early entry for us LPU members. I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice, guys! As much as I’d like to get there before noon, I highly doubt the group I’m going with would like to do that, haha. I’ll probably be there an hour or two early. But hey, at least I’m going to see LP live! Haha. :slight_smile: