Early Entry Laminate


Hey guys.

I’m pretty new to this LPU stuff and I just ordered tickets for a show in Germany via early access to the ticket shop.
I’m so excited.

Now I’ve read about the early entry laminate and was wondering how this works.

Is there an extra line for LPU members with this laminate where you can get into the concert hall earlier?
So, if I come later than most of the people without this laminte I can still get into the arena earlier than those people?

Do I have this benefit for every show I have a ticket for or are there exceptions?
Does everyone need a laminate or can I bring a friend (or two)?

Sorry for all those questions. As I said, I’m new to this and it’s still a bit overwhelming :smiley:

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards


Oh. I forgot something.
Sorry, I couldn’t find an edit button so I’m just posting a new comment.
If there is an edit button I’m very sorry that I was so blind :frowning:
Or maybe you have a limited amount of time to edit?


I just wanted to ask, if I need a new laminate when LPU14 comes out.
People on the entry can’t really check if I’m a current member, can they?
So it just seems logical to me that I need a new one every LPU year, right?
I just bought my new membership for a whole year but LPU13 expires in December so I won’t be able to attend shows next year with the old laminate although I have a membership or am I?