Early entry


Will LPU13 early entry lanyards be valid for the Nov shows in the UK?


Early entry depends on the venue so you’ll know when the time will come. There will be an announcement


If it will change to LPU14 before the show than I don’t think that the lanyard of LPU13 is valid…


In that case, I am sure they will take into consideration that not everyone would have their lanyards by the time of the show so you’ll be able to get in by showing your email of confirmation. It’s been done before if I’m not mistaken.


Does anyone know if i have to buy the the early entry laminate if I have a meet & greet ticket cuz on the description it says

One General Admission Concert Ticket
Early Entry into the Venue
Meet & Greet with members of LINKIN PARK
Group Photograph with members of LINKIN PARK
Access to the Pre-Show Lounge with complimentary refreshments
Exclusive Tour Poster (Numbered & Limited) + Special Gift
Commemorative Meet & Greet Laminate
On-site host

Bit confused as people seem to be talking about having the laminate


Been wondering the same thing. I will message Lorenzo and find out


Ok thanks, lemmie know the outcome =)


I don’t think you’ll need the laminate if you’ve bought the meet and greet ticket package. A confirmation email should be enough, but I’d ask Lorenzo for a definite answer.


I havent even had a confirmation email yet =/ got it on my bank statement though lol =/
Saying that I printed a recipet so that should do


Anyone know how early entry works for Meet & Greet tickets vs. regular folks who just have an Early Entry laminate?

Does everyone end up at the same place and go in at the same time, or do Meet & Greet people get “early early” entry before those with laminates?

Edit: N/M. Question answered here.


Early Entry is available through premium ticket purchase and also to LPU members displaying a Lanyard and LPU member laminate. Simply go to the entrance (about 1 hour prior to gate opening) and present your laminate. You will get early entry to the show venue. Do not try to bring along a friend without a laminate…they will not get in. You obviously also have to have a ticket to the show in question. I did this last year at Jiffy Lube in Virginia. I went to the far right turnstyle and walked right by everyone else who was waiting for gate open.


I bought my laminate but I have a friend coming along with me. Can I buy a second laminate for them in my name or would they have to have their own membership?


The LPU Laminate allows 1 person per membership to use the Early Entry benefit.


Print the email that you receive when you subscribed. I did this in my last concert. You don’t need to have the laminate to use LPU benefits.


It sucks for your guests but oh well = /