Earned "Basic User" (just sharing another great experience)


I just noticed i got a (1) on my Notifications feed

and BOOM! magically i just got a Basic User bagde! huge honor! i say real hyper :sunglasses: (as usual, shouting out to the world like i’m all alone in mars)

So this is me being flattered for my well earned badge (for which i did nothing):
Computer Hope

This is my friend hearing my claim:
Computer Hope

Always happens to me, have to learn to shut the f**k up or just keep making fun of it

Anything alike ever happs to you?


Congratulations! I earned the Member badge this year and had the same feeling!!


Yeah, it’s weird how earning a digital badge like that can make you feel all fuzzy inside. Same goes for unlocking xbox 360 achievements and the likes. :grimacing:


Good to know i’m not all alone on these situations haha


Mmmm my leader badge feels so soft.


I once felt the magic of the regular badge. Not sure if I lost it because the mods removed everyone, or everyone stopped being as active (since one normal member has it)


I just earned a “Welcome” badge and Deadmau5 commented on my topic, life is beautiful ~ haha
So @Derek share with us, how fun it is to be a Deadmau5 forum moderator?
@TripleXero so what badge does everyone have right now?