Edited because of you...you know who you are -.-


Hi guys, intheend here, there was something here, but it was taken down. For why you ask, it’s pretty silly but really. Like really, internet people reading is the key. If you do not read stuff through then you shouldn’t be on a thread forum where there is a lot of READING! I like some of you… poopies.




Do NOT click that link!!! It’s a trap!!! :grin:


what kind of trap? I clicked it, didn´t saw your warning, @purrfect pl explain, is this character intheend (sorry saw it right now, shame In the end) a hater? How to deal with it?


I’m kidding! Jeezzz! -.-
Hater? no she’s not! lol. @intheend likes to spear people, so beware :grin:


What was it?


U can go see what was it by seeing the edits.


Ok so this was basically to read an invite for fanfic, but then it got edited for… I don’t know why?
(Going by what I read in the edits)


Has that stuff anything to do with our kind of community? In my opinion not, we are another kind of commun ity, aren´t we? Or did we tolerate even such people with “that” kind of humor? Please write your opinion, than we can discuss over it, in my opinion, everything that means violence in any kind, is stupid. The next thing is, that the writer of this topic is writing unfriendly emails to my account, and that´s the point, where my tolerance is AT IT`s END :rage:


May the bunnies be with you…


thank you, wish you my best regards, too


You obviously don’t know intheend, that’s why you’re saying all this. She’s good and that’s just how she rolls. Old LPU poopies know it.


maybe but this kind of humor is very misunderstanding for some “not old fans”…even for me at least, :facepunch:


aw, i saw what you typed :3


you’re just mad that your not a part of the old lpu poopies


coughie yeah it was but then @purrfect, that nuggetface made her comment and that new nuggetface @The_early_walker got all nuggetie and bam! had to change my message. in which was not evil at all, I was just talking about bunny domination. but if you want you can read my stuff :3 it is completely clean and nothing scary…


@intheend just the truth :wink:

In all seriousness though, I still don’t get what made you @The_early_walker think that she was a hater. She just talked about her story. I mean, there are worse topics in this forum, not necessarily hate-like (I don’t think there is one to be honest) that need to be flagged than somene who’s just sharing a thingie they created. It could be anything really.


Bunny domination you say? I’m all for bunny domination! I’d love to read anything about a bunny domination, for real :smiley:

Where’s the link to this Bunny domination story, though? I sonehow missed it :flushed:


So look forward @intheend and leave me with your insinuations, if that, what you´re doing now is the kind old poopies go ahead than I´m very happy, NOT to be a part of it,
So lady: We can agree to differ, no prob, but stopp this chasing and bad talk about me. I won´t answer anymore :facepunch:


but, I wasn’t bad talking you, I honestly do not have any idea what you mean by this message.