Elemental: Guardians of the Rings Chapter 1 (1st Draft)


This is an idea of story that I have and this is just a first draft of the first chapter of a Series of Elemental Books
For further info on this book or other books just ask any questions to me with my tag @acemasters and I will answer them as best as I can!

Here is the blurb of the story:
God’s created the solor system, the demi-gods and man. When the demi-gods get out of control they are imprisioned in rings. Until one day five random strangers find them and binded by fate become friends.
When James goes rouge it is up to Ace to find the other three before James does or risk the world becoming coming to an end!

"Daddy, I want a bedtime story, before I go to sleep"
Squeeked a little voice from under the covers of a small, yet what seemed a spacious room.
“Ok son, settle down, I will tell you a story handed from generation to generation, and maybe one day you will tell your children about the story of the one call Elemental?” The father replied sitting on his sons bed.

It begins eons ago, before man, before time, before the Earth was created, there was two beings of exsistance. Chaos; The Dark Being and Peace; The Light Being.
The two would fight and battle against each other, for eternity it seems, in ths cosmos.
What happens between two god-like beings, that seem to be evenly matched? They called a truce and began to create our solar system.

First came the sun, a star being with such force that it can’t be rivalled, well only the gods power was more powerful.
Then the first lot of planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, also known as the inner planets, sperated by the Astroid belt was the outer planets; Jupitar, Saturn, Uranas, Neptune and finally Pluto.

Time burned and the gods decided to give only one planet, only one planet life, “Why?” According to the readings the gods found it hard to watch over more then one planet, anyway, they created the demi-gods known as the elements.

Thundra, Fura, Watr, Gale and Giga, they was the demi-gods of the five elements; Thunder, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
And then they gave the planet the human race, in their most primative state, to make it easier for the demi-gods to rule. And so the planet Earth was complete.




@intheend :3


Ok this is pretty awesome. How many series do you have of this and I’m guessing this is from the first? I’m wondering as you go through the different books, will the first chapter go back to the dad and the little boy? Is the dad one of the friends who found the ring and just lived on? Or is he just a person or a great great grandson


How long have you worked on this? How many chapters do you have? :3


Well due to unfortunate events @intheend this is now the 4th time i have attempted to write this

How many chapters is undecided to be honest will just write until I feel the books is done

As the dad and son, they will appear in the book with speech marks (" ") for example when the dad is in story telling mode there are no speech marks and when he speaks of only putting life on one planet you see “why” the “why” is the son asking why

As you notice I put my nickname as the protaganist (being my book and all) haha

The Series is split like this:
Elemental: The Guardians Of The Rings
Elemental: Revenge Of The Titans
Elemental: Gods Battle On Earth
Elemental: Rise Of Elemental


Yeah, it’s going to suck trying to try and write only to get no ideas.

What if you read over what you wrote, that helps me at times. Do you have songs for your story? Having a soundtrack also helps, whenever I hear a certain I start thinking about my story. I have a story called Reawakening of the Guardians, I only have one song but when I go to listen to it, I know the part of the story it’s with and I would think about it and write. :3


I kinda know how the story will panout

Chapter 1 - The story of how the world was made etc etc
Chapter 2 - The Rise of the humans and how they started to defy the demi-gods
Chapter 3 - The demi-gods retailiate and the great war of the world erupts
Chapter 4 - One demi-god is sick of the fighting and asks the gods to end the war as humans are the ones getting hurt and the planet is not the demi-gods to rule
Chapter 5 - Demi gods are imprisoned in 5 rings and are sent to different parts of the world where the gods will await for the 5 choosen to find them to uphold the laws of the elements
Chapter 6 - Fast forward a few million years where 5 people finally find the rings of elements and meet the gods
Chapter 7 - Upholding the element law and protecting those in need (basically filler lol)
Chapter 8 - One questions why they should have to protect people and goes AWOL
Chapter 9 - A death of one of the friends circulates and the news comes to light
Chapter 10 - Disruption in the elements send the world into chaos and Ace finds out James killed Dominic and goes to look for the other 2
Chapter 11 - Ace finds Gale and speaks about James and what he did, as this happens the news that the other friend is also dead
Chapter 12 - Ace and Gale decide to team up to try and stop James, and come up with a plan
Chapter 13 - James, Gale and Ace fight, Gale gets seriously hurt and finds out the truth about James and his plan
Chapter 14 - Gale gives up her ring to Ace so he has the combined strength to fight James and so the battle reaches boiling point
Chapter 15 - The fight reaches its climax and the victor rises out of the distruction caused
Chapter 16 - The rings are put to rest and the story ends…or is it…

so about 16 chapters maybe


Sounds really interesting…it’s the kind of book I would read. Are you planning on publishing the series?


Not precisely sure but will defo share it around when it is finished


That’s a nice story :grinning:


The names are blatant rip-offs. You need to come out with new innovative names.
Also, is this a plain story where you immerse the reader with the prose, or is this an epic journey, or is a twist expected? I prefer the 2nd for sci-fi.


What names?!? And a rip off from where?
If you are talking about the demi-gods
I was going to name them after each continent and say that the continents was named after them

Not sure on the journey of the story just have an image in my mind


Guardians of Galaxy/ Lord of the Rings
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen/ Wrath or Clash of the Titans
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods + Transformers’ tag line (their war, our world)
Rise of the Guardians/ Rise of the Planet of the Apes

And the demi-gods have pretty predictable names. For an epic battle, you need epic warriors, with epic names!


Thats completely different its not ive purposly mashed two titles together for one

Was going to just do
Elemental 1 2 3 4

With that being said look at Hunger Games and Battle Royal and tell me they are not one of the same…

and as for the demi-gods names they are not finallized it allows me to know what they are before i finallize it


I kind of thought about LOTRs also… @acemasters :3


But there isn’t one ring to rule them all in my story

It’s more gathering the 5 rings to hold the ultiment power, and become the elemental but thats where a twist comes into but that isn’t revealed until another book


Can we get a list of the friends? :3


Ace - The Water Ring
James - The Fire Ring
Dominic - The Wind Ring
Shira - The Thunder Ring
Alice - The Earth Ring


Wait so five people finds the five different rings? And Ace tries to find the other rings. So they are not all friends?


No James goes rouge gets sick of protecting people but not being reconized for it so he goes off and learns about the demi-god war and how one particular demi-god wanted to rule all

So James figures he wants to rule the world but to do so he needs all 5 rings to become an ancient being called Elemental