✉ Holiday Cards


I’ve been a bit distant from the forum for the last week or so as I try to finish up school work for the semester, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible to see if anyone would be interested.

I’d like to send out holiday cards to anyone who’d like to get one. I’ve seen others do this in the past and I feel it’d be a nice thing to try out myself. You don’t have to be from the United States (I’m fairly sure most of the active members here aren’t anyways!) and you don’t have to do anything in return, I just wanna make some cards up and send them to fellow Linkin Park fans, the people I’ve grown to know over the years.

These cards probably won’t be the best quality, they aren’t going to be full of pictures like the typical holiday card (they may not even be holiday cards, depending on how busy I am, I might have to make them New Years themed :stuck_out_tongue:), but I hope that doesn’t matter.

I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to do them or not yet, it depends on the interest (I’m not going to send them if only two or three people are interested, unfortunately), but below is my email address, feel free to send me a message with your home or post office box address if you want one! This email address is only seen by me, and any personal information you give me will only be used for these cards. Your info is safe.


I do ask that you include your forum username with the message if you send one and it isn’t obvious by your email address who you are. If you don’t want to share your personal information with me, I may also end up making digital cards as well that I can just send directly through your email.


I’m surprised, I personally hate having to do greetings cards :stuck_out_tongue: (my mum used to make me write them for my entire primary school class every year). But if you really are looking to send some out I wouldn’t mind a digital one. A physical one would probably get here after new year’s and it’s more of a faff for you. You can send it to either my personal or decoy emails.


I had to write out thank you cards to everyone that came to my high school graduation party years back and it was a pain, mostly because I didn’t know half the people since my mom invited people she was friends with back when I was little, but I think making them for people I know, and having control of the subject matter, could be fun.

I had to get pens the other day at Walmart and as I was going through the isle looking for them, I looked at all the artsy craft related stuff and I kinda got bummed out. I used to always look through that stuff as a kid wanting to buy it all for random crap, and I couldn’t remember the last time I even drew outside of art class in high school. This would be perfect just to do something small and artistic


it’s sooo soo nice of you to think something like that!!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :blush: Well…I think it’s better for us that live far away from you to receive a digital card… :thinking: It would be soooo nice to receive one!! :blush: :hugs: :heart_eyes:


I am agree! I will be sending you my information in the next 24 hours.


What a wonderful idea, looking forward- and get curious about it now :smiley:


It feels like another lifetime thinking back to drawing and working on artsy school projects lol


Heey @framos1792 - how are you doing these busy days?:grinning: I was so glad to hear your brother is back in shape man! :sweat_smile:


Hello :blush: yeah doing good both of us now finally! Haha I’ve been good just trying to finish up the semester here, tomorrow is the last day I’ll be doing assignments so very happy about that :sweat_smile:
How have you been? I hear you’re kid napping all the soldiers for Christmas! :crazy_face:


:joy: :joy: yep! Gonna get them in my house and never let them out again until you come along and free them :crazy_face::rofl:, happy to hear that all is well yourside, enjoy the holidays my friend and don’t let anybody change your great and powerful spirit :blush:


:joy: oh I’d be a terrible hero, I’d be the first one to get captured or taken out in a movie :joy: you would have me locked up as soon as I knock the door lol jk hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to make it to visit you someday and meet every single person here :grin:
Aww shucks thank you :sweat_smile: and happy holidays to you as well and likewise keep brightening life with your sunshine :grinning:


I sent you email yesterday. So yay!


I’m going to send you my email this night!


Hi Everyone Thanks I’d like to get to know all of you


Ummm…are you sure you want to be sharing that sort of info publicly?


I was never good with cards or gifts. I never know what to buy people or what to write and wish. But, this is a very nice gesture and since it’s going to boost your artistic side, I’m up for it. I’ll email you as well :slight_smile:


Getting cards, gifts everything feels so awkward. Christmas is the most awkward holiday.


Hi Yeah was an accident too late now I think


Hi just wanna say Merry Christmas to you.:smiley:


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