Empty- The Unity of Us


Guys, sorry – gotta do my lines tonight , things are a bit messy these days


lol :scream: just saw the discussion in the other thread- that´s a bit messy too- anyway- I jump in with telling my opinion on this:

sending you a bonecrusher @NickGr :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: stay strong :muscle:


Take your time Nick, never rush creativity :slight_smile:


Nick? @NickGr?! I know you’re very busy- shall I take your turn for now? Sending strength and bonecrusher :muscle:t2::hugs:

Edit: @NickGr since I know about uni and all the stuff you have to do atm, I think it‘s ok to tag and remind you again. Or are you empty with lines?? :joy:

So, my idea is that, if you haven’t shown up - until Monday I gonna take your line and tag you then when my next line comes up- ok? Let it flow bro :joy:




I will do the line if its not done by tomorrow!