England meet and greet help!


Bit confused about how the meet and greets work! Can you only get meet and greet for the England shows by purchasing the one more light world tour experience?? Or is there going to be a contest on LPU you can sign up for if you’re going to the show? I’m going to the Birmingham show and not sure if I can still sign up to a meet and greet or not!


All the info you need is here:


Thanks for the link! Just had one more question sorry, there are no current links on the contests page for any meet and greets in England. Is that because these are all signed up for or because they haven’t been released yet?? Thanks :slight_smile: !


Not released yet, will be announced as we get closer to the dates. (anywhere from a week to 3-4 days before the shows)


Sweeet! Thank youuu!

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