Epic fail!


Today… could be one of which I regret for the rest of my life.

So, 5fm, probably South Africa’s most popular radio station (who are responsible for Linkin Park’s SA tour), are running a competition where you are to say what you are willing to do, put yourself through for a chance to be ON STAGE with Linkin Park for 3 songs, during one of their shows here in SA.

So, I entered. Why would I NOT want to be on stage with my favorite band of all time.

I kept my phone on my person ALL day expecting this call from the radio station. But the show that was giving the ticket away, was drawing to a close so I figured they had chosen someone by then. I then for some reason left my phone in the staff room at work and went to manage one of the classrooms(I work at a school). During my 20 minutes away, 3 missed calls and 1 voicemail was left. I returned to find this.

I then called the voicemailbox to discover probably one of the worst things I ever will. The radio station had called ME, regarding the competition. TWICE! Left me a nice voicemail saying they will call back in 10 minutes, then AGAIN!
One of my colleagues, who was in the staff room at the time, instead of answer the bloody thing left it to ring.

As much as I’d like to blame him, I FUCKED UP!!! Can’t actually believe my hard luck on this one. SUCKS TO BE ME!!! ON STAGE!!! WITH LP!!! AAAARRRGH! WHAT AN IDIOT! :’(


Oh, fuck! I feel sorry for you. [rolleyes]
But I can’t imagine what that means: “to be on stage with LP during 3 songs” I mean: The winner can’t just stand around there, right?


lol, poor you :stuck_out_tongue:
well, friday 13 may be the reason :smiley:


Why don’t you put vibrator in your cellphone and kept it with you on class?!
During a call, you could say you were gonna go to bathroom in order to answer the phone!!


You risked your chance to meet LP for managing the class ? That is an EPIC FAIL !!!
It is LINKIN PARK which you missed !!!


I feel deeply sorry :frowning: Hope the radio station can figure out something else for u.


Oh my God! I’m so sorry, man!


that sucks big time! at least you learned your lesson for next time


@ shoegaze YEP! Cant think the winner would just stand there and watch. Haha! Should let me jam on the bass if it was me. I am trying today again… Will let you guys know what happens.


Phone the radio station to find out if they gave it to someone else. Maybe you’ve won, and they just wanted to congratulate you? In anycase, that sucks man. As much as I would love to be on stage with the band, I have no musical talent, so I would just stand there with a stupid grin on my face [biggrin] ( [arrow] almost like that )


Oh hell dude I feel your pain :frowning:


LOL teacher learning THE lesson


LOL teacher learning THE lesson[/quote]


I’m so sorry for you! I suffer with you! Don’t hate yourself! Maybe it had any higher reason…


Oh God… I’m sad for you :frowning:


Sometimes you just gotta sing: “With hands held high…”



i would probably slap myself right about now if i was you xD


Oh man that sucks!
By the way they are talking about “side stage” here, what you can also win at the summits, from where some of the crew watches the performanes and where they keep gear like the guitars etc.



I too had attempted to win a radio contest to see LP live in LA (I live in South-East Asia, Singapore so it’s a big deal) and I’ve never seen them live before so I entered…I got through the first round into the grand draw but my name wasn’t picked during the draw ): I feel you mannnn.



SOOOOOO… Competition is over today. They are choosing the winner. TWO ENTRIES!!! That’s all they have. Can’t even begin to tell you guys how bleak I am. This sucks more than anything in the world right now. :frowning: Missed a bloody call. THAT SIMPLE! If only Mike had picked up that phone.

Biggest let down and fail of my life. :frowning: