Epic recovery!


So, as those of you who stumbled upon my last blog post may remember,
I entered into a local radio station competition for a backstage pass at
the Linkin Park concert, here in Cape Town.

They called me back, THREE TIMES, and I missed each and every one of them.
They even left me a nice voice mail message to go with the pain.

Anyway…that went as tits up as anything could ever go.

I have been living in some shame and sorrow since that day last week.


So, it’s my girlfriends birthday 2 days after the concert here and being
me, I SUCK at getting gifts. 2 years ago, I took her to her first concert,
30 seconds to mars, as a gift.
Last year, Jimmy Carr (who she practically worships for his wit) was in
town, so I got her tickets to his show. I also went on stage and got him to
make a lame ass joke about her.
So, I’ve done alright I guess.

But this year, I have simply outdone myself.

So, we’re already going to the concert, in Golden Circle, but I was without
a gift or an idea so, up popped the thought of sending her to meet her
favorite band Linkin Park, on top of the concert, which she spent hours
queuing for tickets for(what a soldier).

I wanted her to go without a thought for myself, as I would probably have
to work that morning.

So today, I used my account and bought the summit pass, and put it in her
When I completed it, I had an odd feeling. Uncertainty.

Next thing I know, I’m on the phone getting her personal details, signing
her up as an LPU member and then purchasing another pass to the LPU Summit
on my name.

At the end all I said was…“sooooooo, WE, well… hopefully as I still
SOMEHOW need to get off work for this, YOU at least, are going to the LPU

haha! I rate that’s a pretty sweet come back from the death by me.

So, I STILL am, HOPEFULLY, going to see and meet Linkin Park, but mostly am
glad and excited for my girlfriend, F-dawg, who I’m sure is pretty pumped
for it.


No more sad times, only glad times.


No more sad times, only glad times… \o/

I’m glad you …