Essential Linkin Park merchandise?


what do you guys think the essential merchandise for LP Soldiers are?


I don’t think there is one. As long as you love it, it’s awesome. It can be a tee, a cd or DVD or even a special photo of you with the band or from a m&g.


I think so, too. Buying THINGS with a picture or a lettering on it is never essential and doesn’t take you closer to the band or make you a better fan or whatever you expect from it. It’s just a THING.


I agree with you guys 100%! I was just seeing what people thought of this question… There are always some that think they are a bigger fan because of all the items they own… I think the bigger fan is the one who can sit back and truly say hey I don’t really care for this song, but I love this one… You guys understand what I’m getting at? (It’s early so my sentences aren’t very coherent)


LPU is like the club we are not supposed to talk about.
“You’re not how many CDs you have. You’re not the mp3 player you play. You’re not the contents of your DVD. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing fan of the band.”


Love it that there are still fans who believe that not owning everything or the X special thingie or whatever doesn’t make you less of a fan than someone who does.
I’ve seen a lot of people who believe that and I honestly can’t understand it. Your love for a band doesn’t show with how many merch items you own or if you’ve met the band or if you like everything they make. I may not have all their cds and not like certain songs or agree with some things they do but I can still be a fan and love them the same.

As for the LPU, I would have called it an elite 2-3 years ago (around X) since it was super expensive and all. Now, and before X, it’s more affordable and more people have access to it. Plus, let’s be honest here, nothing is really exclusive anymore.

What's the most precious (special) LP item you have?

For some reason, this is reminding me of this.


This write up was actually good. This, this right here is the “essential LP merchandise” :stuck_out_tongue: