Exclusive content and rare collectibles


Hello everyone!

Recently I purchased about 20 rare vhs tapes and dvdrs and cdrs from California with some exclusive LP content on them. They will be released soon to the public on www.lpcatalog.com

Me and Mike from lpcatalog along with Hahninator (Mark) from www.lplive.net are sorting through all the material right now, and trying to find the new content. We have found some goodies you have never heard before (demos, live songs), and also better quality of live songs already released… I cant say anymore, it will be a surprise.

I’m selling some items from my collection since I had to pay a lot for the exclusives coming soon.

Here is a link to my ITEMS FOR SALE ON EBAY

Please pass this link along to any collectors, there are some very rare cd promos there…




Where on earth u get things such as this?

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah I know it’s impossible…


lol thats a lot of lpu!!

rough cuts lptv episodes 7 and 8 added…head over to www.lpcatalog.com for the exclusive footage!

Theres a hilarious baby got back cover in episode 7!


Awesome stuff! Looking forward to the coming surprises, stuff like this also excites me