Expectations for another remix album


This has probably been asked before, and it’s been an age old question since Reanimation was released. Do YOU think there will there be another remix album? If so, what albums will be covered?

With Reanimation’s high popularity, I don’t think it would be too bad of an idea for another one. I know however, that they are currently working on the next record, but I think it’s a cool thought nonetheless.


One of the guys said that they wouldn’t probably do a project like that again because of all the people they had to contact.


The Reanimation Album in my book was similar to what Metallica did when they did Garage Days Rerevisited when Jason Newstead started with the band: it was something fun and creative to do. Or like when they did S&M, OR Garage Inc. Underlying sentiment is: it gives the fans something to enjoy, gives the band something different to do, and makes the time between new material more tolerable. So unless the band plans on taking some sort of long-term hiatus from writing new music once all things Living Things is said and done, I’m thinking it’s not likely.

Apologies to those who got lost during the Metallica references. [biggrin]


[smile] I always loved Garage Inc. by Metallica. Awesome cover album and I agree that I would love to see another Remix album by Linkin Park. I for one like it when bands do different things like that. That gets me thinking that it would be really cool if Linkin Park did a cover album.


I think they won’t be doing another remix album. Because they have given that job to the LP fans so you see lot of remixes of LT coming up every month and they are just amazing [smile]


Garage inc. was cool…so was reanimation…
would be great to see another like that… but I dont think they are gonna do that… agreeing with @LPradeepS :smiley: you’re absolutely right :smiley:


Don’t know, to be honest I don’t think they’ll do something like this again. It would be awesome though, I really want to hear a Living Things Remix ver.