Experimental Songs in Piano


I’m not the best keyboard player and I don’t prentend to be. Sometimes I like to turn on my Yamaha E353 and play random keys, I tend to record those moments, and sometimes I create some interesting things.

Recently I had to creat an account on SC to upload my files. The audio is not the best (I need to learn about how to better the quality of the audio), but I really like to share with all of you these pieces of experiments. Don’t expect a masterprice pretty well done and worked, because I’m not that type of person jajaja.

I will be posting occasionally some “songs.” And if someone want to share their own creation/experimental song feel free to do it.

PD: In case somebody ask: This has nothing to do with Onirics, it’s just me in my free moments.


The Mist:

Also it has an “official video”

Empire Melody:


You should try to expand on some of the ideas in Empire Melody! It features some interesting melody ideas that could evolve into a solid track :slight_smile:


out of likes! have this! :heart: :blush: