Exploring is wonderfull Join in


Join in, I´m really new in these internet things but you guys have had installed a lot good stuff, I find more and more the more I get the more I feel it, and: Ilike it! #soundcloud.com


I love exploring, more so in real life than on the internet, but time for some more bumping I think:


c´mon buddies, I woke up today with my own soundcloud music, nothing fits better and got overnight 6 new follower on twitter, it is moving on when I move on, my lifetime experience, I only put ready things in my soundcloud, got online with three songs, combination soundcloud/plug dj works efficiently good, so I got a whole weekend music and joy. My husband starts calling me internet-addicted part one… :yum:


@The_early_walker found ur soundcloud :slight_smile: :


Have scoured the chat for a place to put this… how do you put the LP or LPU in for snapchat? I have tried every which way. Very frustrated indeed I am. :confused:


Do you mean, what’s LP’s snapchat or… ?


@samuel_the_leader what a great grab…wow goose bumps for me, feeling you kinda, I think…no reason buddie…omg…don´t know what´s up with me, nearly crying, ok too intimate, but @samuel_the_leader


[updated because why the f not]

Well. here’s a few wonderful websites to try out if you are really bored:

1 Spend your time well
2 Need a compliment to boost your spirit?
3 Can you find the invisible cow?
4 Quiz
5 The best of them all

You’re welcome!


Wasted 8 seconds. The light has just 2,398,339.66 km traveled.

That doesn’t make sense, unless you’re Yoda.

On the topic of wasting time. Have you (anyone reading this) ever been so bored that you resorted to those online quizzes just to kill time?


Yes, I also resort to reading those gawdawful click-bait sites. Especially when I’m supposed to be working :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, i once took one of those personality type ones apparently I’m ‘ISTP’, whatever that mean.


I took one of those tests too, not too long ago. And I am apparently a “Mediator” or (INFP-T).
Which I find quite questionable, really.


@GATSIE missed you sunday and tomorrow at the dancefloor, but thanks for links, I still got two compliments today and its only 8:00 am so what will go wrong today?!..


sry @gatsie yesterday,…


I just read up a bit on what my type actually meant and I didn’t really learn everything new, it was like reading my biography. Although at least my extreme boredom isn’t abnormal.


And I thought I was the only one…


Extreme boredom indeed…


That equalizer display is wrong. I know the song that was playing and the mids shouldn’t be that high, the bass should be as high as the mids are. This is why cartoons are annoying.


LOL :joy_cat: