External Code to access the LP event on VyRT


Why I can’t get the external code? How to get it? anyone can help? I really want to chat with Mike tomorrow… I’m sorry if I don’t know because I’m a new member here… Thank you…:slight_smile:


The external code is in your account’s dashboard.


Sorry, are you LPU member? Because I look at your profile you don’t have LPU XIV Member badge. But if you are a member and haven’t received that code, you better contact Support. For more info you can check out this link http://linkinpark.com/VyRT


Can you please check for me, if I have that badge?
I was told, that I don’t have. But I wrote the support (bc I am member of LPU since July 4th) so maybe I have it now. But I’m not sure, how to check.
Thank you!

edit: Ok, I clicked on my name, and I don’t think I have it…


No external code in my dashboard…


I’m just a member of LPU 30 day trial…


I’ve checked your badge and you are already a member… Sorry if I’m wrong…


LPU chat exclusively for LPU members not for a trial member, that’s why you don’t have the code.


oke… thanks…


I´m a reg. member, got the code on the dashboard, by using it there comes everytime the message: wrong code…thg like this and NO Acces, I swirl up PLEEEEASE HEEEEEEEEEEEElp


Maybe try to write the support very fast? I have not tried the code yet, bc I was worried that it works only once (but I do have a code).


@The_early_walker You can only use the code once so if you have already logged in the chat and used it, it makes sense that it says it’s wrong and you don’t have access. Try contacting Lorenzo or Lulu and tell them what’s wrong. They’ll help you way faster than support. (VYRT support hasn’t replied to me since April and I’ve been emailing them every month since then).

@Tweek The badge thing, I can only imagine it just takes a while to appear on everyone’s profile. It’s just a badge though so no biggie. You’re still a member without it.


@EvoOba You´re a buddy, fin. both codes were workin, but tecnhnicaly they got lot space up above…Whatever, whatCan do, I will d for You cause for me - in entire life - where do ya find sth, big ug huggi hug´ HUG