Extra gevas GA ticket!


I recently bought 2GA Tix fro about $323each. But my friend does not want the ticket anymore. and I am trying to sale it. I know its a lot of money but I don’t need the ticket so I will sale it for a reasonable prize. I have it on eBay so if you are interested please visit the website and you can even make your best offer. I will try my best to give you a good price. I will even add some LPU items like shirts. stickers. shoe lases etc. hers the website:



stop pretending to be a LP fan. You’re a ticket dealer!!!


Why would you give up your LPU merch? Its obvious you’re a ticket dealer! I agree with the above mentioned reply.


I am not a ticket dealer. If I was I would be giving up my 2tix instead of one. I bought d tix very expensive because I really want go to the concert. But my friend backed up when I had the ticket. They donnot except returns and I did not have the opportunity to buy them when they went on sale on here. Also I have some double extra lpu shirts and merchandise that’s why I’m offering to give some away with the ticket. I’m obviously LOOSING money by selling the ticket much cheaper and adding stuff to it.But I’m a big fan of lp and like I said id rather loose money on selling the extra ticket than loosing it!. Bdw if you don’t believe pit tickets are this expensive rightnow. Go check any website and you won’t find a single GA ticket under $300.