Extra Summit Ticket Please?


If anyone is in possession of a Camden, NJ Summit ticket and cannot go for some reason, please message me!! I will gladly buy it, just name your price!! I mean it, name your price!!

I actually graduated from Rutgers Camden last week. Unfortunately, I had no idea that this Summit was announced until now. I hope someone can help me out. I have been a LP fan since they came out in 1999 and I would love an opportunity to attend the Summit in my own backyard.



Keep checking the Events page. A couple of us were able to get Summit passes just yesterday. (The same thing happened with the recent House of Blues show – random tickets kept popping up here and there during the weeks after the show went on sale.)

And I’m not sure anybody would be able to sell their pass even if they wanted to: Passes are Will Call only, and we had to list the exact name of the person who would be picking up the pass during the check-out process.

Good luck!


Also they might announce more summit passes to be available like they did with pass summits, but definitely do what imsiobhan said keep checking! Good luck!


Thanks for the tip!! I will keep checking 20 times a day!!


Also, since it is will call, people are able to “cancel your signal” under the page so it’s possible people figured they can’t make the trip or something cuz I was also luckily able to get tickets Monday for both me and my husband.

Good Luck!


I meant signup not signal!


Yeah that would be cancelling there sign up for meet and greet not the summit, but definitely check back, they do release tickets randomly, might release more right before the summit, and I agree I do not think anyone would want to or could sell their LP SUMMIT pass because they are not transferable. Just check back as often as you can, and good luck.


Actually there isn’t a separate meet and greet option under that page for the summit.

As far as I know everyone at the summit meets the band that day… So I assume that’s why there isn’t a separate button for meet and greet.