Facebook group for Hollywood Bowl show?


Would anyone be interested in joining a page or group on FB if you’re attending the Hollywood bowl show in honour of Chesters life?

I purchased tickets today & am traveling from New Brunswick Canada. Looking for like minded people to chat about event with etc etc!!


There’s an official one already (https://www.facebook.com/events/173319316574005/), but a small fan-oriented one would be nice.
I can help moderate it if you like. I’m coming up to L.A from San Diego with a friend, and it’d be nice to touch base with other fans on fb and maybe meet up before the show.


Ive been on that, here is Facebook link for one I’ve created:


For whomever would want to join!


That’s a good idea!


I know there’s another one with +160 ppl from all over the world and we’re coordinating us. Maybe we can collect these two