Facebook group for new Zealand summit details x come on join in


We have a Facebook group called Linkin Park summit new Zealand bx it has lots of us on there and great for sharing finer details x join on and be united with us LP freaks x see you all spoon :wink: [smile][cool][biggrin][smile][wink]


No one wants to join that group. We might scare them off with our awesomeness [cool][smile][wink]

Quick link here:

Some of the members have already been to Summits / Meet & Greets so can answer most questions you may have.

will also be the place where we will all share our photos of the day for everyone.


Guys, if any FB page admins see this can you please go on and accept my request. I’m keen to hang out tonight but need the details! Would like to see those again I saw this morning…


So sorry, I didn’t have internet until today /: