Faces of your LPU


Hey guys,

I wanna ask you guys about an idea, that is in my head for months now. I want to make a big flag or poster out of pictures of the LPU members and so i want to collect Pictures of all of you guys from all over the world and will give this flag or poster to the LP guys in Berlin on September 3rd, 2015

The pictures should be in good quality and should show only you… (I hope you know what I mean)

I will make a mail address for it and a blog on my profile.
Please let me know what you think about this idea,
Want to make it as big as possible!!!

AND THERE IS THE MAIL ADDRESS: faces.of.your.lpu@gmail.com

Will keep this topic up to date…
Thank you guys for your attention!!!



great idea. I will send!


Bis wann kann man ein Bild senden? :slight_smile: @Inca_Schulz


@CelineAbr ich werde noch ne deadline setzen, denke aber bis kurz vor dem Konzert aber erst. So bis 3 Wochen vorher


like it! good idea :heart_eyes: gonna be awesome


It’s gonna be amazing!! I will send photo))))


Thank You guys :slight_smile:


Done!! :wink:


Thank You and keep Sharing this Little Project :wink:


welcome! sure…please let us know when you print out our pictures. upload it here?


Yay i will make pictures of it, not sure yet if i will Print out the photos or make a digital Poster out of it!

I will Show the progress for sure, but it will be in August After the deadline on the 13th


okay…anything’s fine :blush: august? then we still have time :grinning: maybe i’ll send a better picture. haha :smile:


@Inca_Schulz I think this will be a success!


going on to become united more and more, I´´ ll be with you, the pic idea is so great, congratulation :raised_hands:


Yay thats what it should be for :slight_smile:


Okay sounds cool


Please keep sharing it guys!!!


@Inca_Schulz Awesome idea, count me in. I’ll send off a picture too =). And I’ll post your idea to my LPU blog. :thumbsup:


Thank You :slight_smile:


@eveofisis thank You and keep sharing it to all lpu members You know :slight_smile: