Fake Websites! Post Them Here!




Are they giving away stuffs for free?? I tried to see the charges of that pendant they are saying $0 :thinking:


They are ripping off Linkln Park!
Do NOT Order/purchase anything from this website !
If you find any other fake websites on any of the social networks post them here. > so people will know They are fake !
I found this one on Facebook! Beware! warning!


Well thanks i wasn’t gonna purchase… but still just saw stuffs without prices so asked…


You’re welcome !


Your title/original post kinda isn’t very informative as to what you are talking about, but I think a list of fake merchandise websites could come in handy for those who don’t know any better.

For the most part, anything that isn’t on Linkin Park’s or Warner Bros.'s website is probably bootleg. I guess there’s places like Hot Topic that may carry official stuff, but those are chain stores that people should recognize


There are a lot of People on Facebook that are buying into it.
It’s the above website I mentioned that’s a major problem, thus they are stealing from Linkin Park.
so for those people who don’t know this is for them.
Thanks for your input .