Fall Germany Tour


I’m confused right now.

There are no official tourdates for a new European tour yet, but look at this page :


you can already buy the tickets.


VERY interesting


I just hope this is true Oberhausen, Koln I am coming.


The dates were indeed confirmed by the German radio station 1Live :slight_smile: As far as I know, the ticket sales didn’t start yet. And for this reason, I think the link you have postet is not reputable. What also makes me wary is, that there are no standing areas but only seats with very high prices.


Looks interesting but I heard they will be in Stuttgart ! Anyways I will wait for the official news from LP :slight_smile:


I will wait also for OFFICIAL Information, also in the describtion stands “Carnivores Tour” and it isn´t the Carnivores Tour !


Has anyone already purchased their tickets on this page?


No… I’ll wait for the official news…



I have send them (ticketbande.de) an email for clarification and that was their answer:

ps: If someone need a translation, just ask :wink:


Oh…no wonder the prices are so high…xD

Thanks for asking them Anya LP :slight_smile:


Hope for Berlin and maybe I´m in Leipzig too… lets see… xD


Hope for some other countries besides Germany…


I hope we get some official news about it soon. I can’t wait to see them live with my best friend who has also been a fan for a quite long time now :).


[quote=Chemist999]Hope for some other countries besides Germany…

maybe in Luxembourg xD