Fan-made Sites For Linkin Park


I have a couple of fan made sites I dedicated to Linkin Park for saving my life, I mean that in the literal sense, multiple times. So, I wanted to do something to give back to them. Here they are if you want to take a look at them. Also, if you have a fan made site, let me know. I am such a page liker and group joiner, lol.

Linkin Park Inspired- It’s about my own story how they saved and inspired my life. The goal to the page was to generate 20 likes to make a group. Yesterday it made the goal and is still growing.

Linkin Park Inspired United - This group is for others to share their Linkin Park story, post pictures, news, and what not. Any hater found in the group are kicked out and blocked. The groups goal is to have a steady 40 members to make a website.

The Path - This is my main blog page where I discuss various topic. Linkin Park Inspired is one of the categories. I use Wix. They have both a free account and some packages you can pay for. I still need to pay for the domain name. This will be we the same place I create the above mentioned website.

Your Turn


I made this fansite called “LP Music” back in 2008 that no longer exists (and for good reason, I got rid of it myself):

It looked better than it does in that archive, because it’s missing the stylesheet and the images, but it still sucked. But as much as it sucked, it’s partially reason for me pursuing a career in website design (along with another awful website I made in 2007 that I won’t link here).

I still really like the logo that was made for the website (since it was called “LP Music”, the logo was a music note). The site was actually how I first met @b_rox2lp_90, because he made the original sketch for the logo. I then later talked to him on the LPU chat in LPU 8 or 9 not even knowing it was him!

The was a more recent attempt at a fansite that was more LPU based than Linkin Park in general, that was called “LP Surface” (like surface vs. underground). It started as a backup chat when the LPU chat used to go down sometimes, and it grew a bit, but over time was eventually not needed:


I run a completely dead and inactive site but it’s not a LP fan site, it’s a gaming team site.

You can laugh at it and mock it here :stuck_out_tongue: :

Who wants to guess how I made the rubbish logo?


I never had a LP site of my own (I was a co-host at the Greek LP fan site), but I had one for GBC (which is now dead cause the band broke up).


A long time ago I made a website for another group that I was quite a fan of. But I’ll spare you how horrid it was.




@gatsie. Yeah, mine is a bit so, but every now and again I’ll get a like for it.