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So after having a public meltdown in front of my carer a couple of days back, i’m late in writing my letter to Chester.

When I first listened to Mike’s new music a while back, I was trying to write the letter, but it started to turn into lyrics. I’m not good at writing personal stuff, nor have I ever written a song.

I decided to look back to it tonight and try to finish it off. It’s probably no good, but may I have your opinions fellow soldiers?

Here You Are Back Again

Was a shy kid reading my books
Just a kid, practically mute
Always quiet never broke the rules
Now look at me you fools

Every moment inside I scream
I’m sick tired of all these dreams
Why can’t I make it just go away
All I’m doing is keeping death at bay

Here you are back again
Lashing out at ghosts of the past
Here you are back again
How long will this time last?

Growing older and it’s still the same
I’m sick and tired of playing this game
It’s been 18 years I want my release
Why can’t you let me rest in peace?

Sirens are flashing of red and blue
Paramedics screaming, body seizing
Up come the drugs as you take a breath
Your head lulls as you lose consciousness

Here you are back again
Lashing out at ghosts of the past
Here you are back again
How long will this time last?

Here we are again as I fall
Bloody handprints paint the walls
Life decides to pull me back
Now this is all out of whack

All the corruption, all the lies
Fellow soldiers dropping like flies
I’m dead inside why can’t you see?
What will it take to set me free?

Here you are back again
Lashing out at ghosts of the past
Here you are back again
How long will this time last?

Now my role model’s gone what to do
How am I supposed to get through
A man better than me lost the fight
Nothing in this world is right


I’m on work so I can’t read it properly, but the little I read I really liked. My feedback later, ok?

In a side note: I will move your topic to other category, I hope you don’t care :hugs:


@IronSoldier16 thank you, that would be nice. Feel free to move the topic to wherever is the most appropriate :hugs:


wow touching poem i really enjoyed it thanks for sharing :smile:


That’s amazing

And thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem


Wow and thank you so much! :heart:


You’re welcome :smile:

Now your post is in The Barracks :wink: it fits better here, believe me. Soldiers tend to visit more followly this area :wink:

I love this part.

And this one too.

A hard and sad way to end a song. It’s not so common and I liked it.

About the gender/ambient
I picture a kind of rap at the beggining.
Then it becomes in a aggresive song with reflexive questions, very intriganting.
Then you start to talk about many things, and each one has its space.
Finally you end it in a very touching way…

The song itself is interesting. and one thing: When you’re feel you are alone, come here and talk with us :slight_smile: We are enoughly crazy to make you forget everythying, even what’s you name jaja :hugs:


Good thread idea! Also very nice lyrics imo :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


@IronSoldier16 Thank you for moving the topic to somewhere better. I will remember The Barracks for next time :blush:

It is quite an angry song, as it comes from personal experiences and how I feel. I can imagine some rap in it too.

I’ve been quite overwhelmed by such positive responses! I just wanted to ask you guys if it was appropriate for the letter. Now I want to make it a song somehow :grin:

Thank you so much for your offer, it’s very much appreciated. I feel I would scare people with my dark thoughts and anger though.

Even if I said “Mesa JarJar Binks!”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@liqs thank you very much! I bet there will be some great posts in this topic :grin:


As. @liqs said this is a wonderful idea

And thanks for sharing this lovely lyrics


Oh, cool. I can do poetry, as well. Need to write smth.


@liqs thank you so much!


Oh, it would be really cool from someone well versed in the subject! I look forward to it :blush: