Fanart of Mike Shinoda


Today is my first anniversary of being here. So I want to share 2 of my new drawings of Mike Shinoda. :rofl:

The first one is inspired by the song ‘Running From My Shadow’.
:arrow_right: ‘Running from my shadow but it’s still there chasing me down’ :arrow_left:
The second one because I like drawing Mr. Shinoda


Awwww- happy cakeday again :cake:- and go and have a look at the birthday and anniversary thread- I’m not the only one :blush: and your work is absolutely great :heart_eyes::tada:


Nice artworks! :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: keep it going! :smile:


Thank you :rofl: I saw it and I didn’t expect something like this but i’m really grateful :blush:


Thank you :blush:


Happy you enjoy it :wink: - that’s the best that can happen :sunny:


Happy anniversary to you :smiley: you have great drawings of Mike shinoda great job dear :grin:


Nice art👍wish i can make the same👍


Thank you, Just practice and you will make better than this :wink:


Amazing drawing of Mike


Happy cake day!! Amazing drawings keep it up :grin: