Fangirling Zone!


Who is more hottie in the band you think?

I like Rob, he has nice length :smiley:


that’s hard lol I like all of them but if I have to choose just one id say mike shinoda


I agree with you @Echo_Jizz :wink: Rob is my most favourite member. I love Linkin Park because of him




Rob is tall and handsome :smiley: Also because he is not camera horny but if he not drums the band can’t go. He is important man Rob :smiley: :smiley:


Mike Shinoda :blush:


It’s gotta be Chester!! I love him so much … He’s 100% my favourite member though I obviously love the others as well!!


Chester i`ll love you till the end of my life


I think all the guys from Linkin Park are hot. I’m a Chester girl though. I can relate to him and he is more my type. I can’t help, but love him.


i feel like a 14 years old teenie… i turned crazy when i `ve heard FIRST TIME !!! PSYCHOFAINT <<<<<<THIS YEAR (shame on me). i am now 32 , have two girls , but now i am falling totally in love with linkin park 2 times. Cant get enough from them. i feel so intense, like a long time …now i could be a good groupie…


@marina84 That sounds like what happened to me. lol


hi jessica. o mg in the age of 12 - 19 years, i was extremly depressed. i cant explain, but i only want to die. i cut my skin
on the arms and the legs with a cutter and lived and loved allways the extrem. since i met my friend i forget the past extremly. i ve got my beautiful two daugthers and i lived in harmony . but the last year was extremly aggresive to me, and the relationship is not broken but i lost him as best friend. now i feel the same feelings ive felt before.
and linkin park is for me the best therapy. i love them . i would like to hear your story when you want to tell.
i must learn english, so you can help me a little bit. hear you


Rob Bourdon. Or Brad Delson


all linkin park members are hotties


@Ariana_Torralba brad definitely


all of them but Mike and Brad are a little bit hotter


@Ariana_Torralba Rob most definitely :relaxed:


Heyy me too :smiley:


It’s so hard to just judge them on looks. Their personality factors in so much for me, especially after being a fan for almost 20 years. Mike, Brad, and Chester are all the most visually appealing to me, but Mike’s mind/intellect/creativity is super appealing, but then I relate to Chester on an emotional level. When he speaks, even when he’s not really finishing his thought fully, I totally get what he’s saying. He’s just got that vibe of someone you could have deep conversations with by almost not saying anything at all. :heart: Brad’s dry, sarcastic sense of humor is great, too, but when I met them, Brad wasn’t very approachable, so he lost points there. lol.