Fangirling Zone!


Brad of course :slight_smile:


@marina84 Sorry it took me so long to answer. Do you you have a Facebook or Twitter? It would be best if we talked on there where it is more private and one on one.


My favorites are Chester and mike they are awesome. :blush:


Definitely Rob Bourdon!! He is beyond hottie status. He’s THE best drummer in the whole wide world and I just love his demeanor. He seems like a really nice guy…even though I’ve never spoken to him. :two_hearts::blush:


When In the end came out I had a massive crush on Chester. Then it changed and moved on to someone else. After the gig I had a crush on Mike Shinoda but now I’m like all Rob :heart:


Every girl love tall guys, you dont’t have to worried about high heels :joy:


True. But I’m not tall even in high heels. I think I would be like literally up to Rob’s arm. Just maybe under as he is more less the height of my brother so I know


I’m 5 feet 3.5" im sure I’d be a smidge taller than a hobbit standing next to Rob. :rofl: Btw how tall is he?


Chester always :heart:


Chaz :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


He’s 6’ 4"


I thought Mike was the tallest? I thought there was a thing between the guys about Mike being so proud that he was the tallest or something which is why they made this video:


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Rob is way taller than everyone!! Notice that he is always behind everybody to even it a bit…


Love for Brad here :heart_eyes: Love the beard!


JESUS!!! Ok…nevermind. And good point about him always being in the back. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mike fan here! Amazing man!


Rob forever and ever :heart::heart::heart:


There’s a suspiciously low number of guys commenting on this thread…

I’ll just post this picture and leave you to assume who I think is the hot one…


Mike is so sexy and so handsome.


your argument is invalid :smiley: just look at this bunch of hotness. I mean…