Fav LP song and why?


Hey, not sure if this had been done before, but what’s your favourite, most meaningful LP song and why?
Most of their songs mean something to me, but one that stands out more is Numb.
It was the first song I learned to play on piano and the lyrics make me so emotional. I’ve never had a great relationship with my mum, because she was always pushing me towards what she wanted me to be, and when I made a mistake, she’d act like it was the end of the world. I became a shell, I became numb. I didn’t know what to do or say incase I screwed up. So listening to Numb helped me realise that I’m not the only person like this, if that makes sense? lol
Your turn.


There’s probably tons of Favorite Song topics, I’ve seen a few recently, but I don’t think any are about why.

Mine is Breaking the Habit. There’s so much to like about it. The video is awesome, the lyrics are meaningful, the instrumental is amazing, and it helped Chester get off drugs, what is to dislike?


I saw a post somewhere about how Mike felt really awkward approaching Chester with the song as he knew what he’d been through, and Chester would get emotional while rehearsing the song. It just goes to show how much music can help someone.


Probably in the end, it was the first song i heard from them in 2001, the first time I heard my favorite band, Also because it’s nearly the story of my life and the problems i had at home, it doesn’t matter how hard i tried it doesn’t even matter; and it also makes me emotional lol.


Yeah, they talk about it on here:

If it doesn’t skip ahead like it should, at 18:05


That’s got me tearing up :’(


Rewatching that now, I wonder if the lyrics in the LPU14 Breaking the Habit demo were the ones talked about in the video


My favourite song is “Rebellion”, because

  1. it features Daron and I love Daron
  2. i like the ironic lyrics and what they’re about
  3. IMO the vocals (both Chester and Mike) are some of the strongest in Linkin Park’s discography
  4. dat bridge


breaking the habit. because the history behind it, the sound, the video, the lyrics… that hit me right in the heart. I love this song still as on the first day


Leave Out All The Rest, because I’m killing myself soon.


I have acutually two

  1. Breaking the habit… because of two reasons:
    a. The story of the song (mike wrote it for chester- we all know the rest)
    b. a personal reason: It came out when i had a very hard time. My whole live changes, my world has been turned upside down… and it some kind of give me the strenght to keep on fighting, Everytime i was down, sad or hopeless i listen to it… turn the volume loud that my neighbours sure now love or hate it and keep on going… and now i can hear it in every mood… i can scream when i am angry… i can cry when i am sad… it simply catches all my emotions so i have to love it…
    very very well done from mike and chester : <3

2.crawling. just because it was the first LP song i ever heard and it just made me love the band


Naw I will. Suicide is the only way out, and nothing you say can change my mind.