Favorit batman movie


One that didn’t inv shooting ppl in the theaters… back in the 90’s our mine favorit just means im old


batman returns
the dark knight




Old: Batman with Jack as the Joker
New: Batman begins


No Batman movie involves a shooting in theaters^^
That happened DURING the beginning minutes of The Dark Knight Rises but that doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with that act of unnecessary violence.


Dark Knight Rises is absolutely amazing! All time favorite hands down.


Maybe The Dark Night too.

I didn’t like so much the clothes of Catwoman in the last movie. It wasn’t so “like-the comic”.
The 1st time I saw the trailer-teaser, I thought she was Batwoman because of her clothes, similar to Batman.


I think the catwoman of the Dark Knight Rises was pretty tragic. What a terrible choice by Christopher Nolan. Bane was my favourite :-D. Then again I am a true Tom Hardy fan… Still, “The Dark Knigh” was my favourite.


Dark Knight all the way!


Old : The first Batman of Tim Burton
New : can’t choose between The dark knight and The dark knight rises


I like also the Joker of Jack Nicholson and I really think is a good one, I mean, is kind of different with the one of Ledger. Maybe the director’s perspective of the character was different in each movie but the 2 actors did it well.


The Dark Knight Rises of course


Batman Returns,
The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight. :slight_smile:


Old: Batman (1989)
New: The Dark Knight Rises



Can not choose one, then I choose the Nolan trilogy


right now: (1) The animated : Dark Knight Returns ~ based on Frank Millers Graphic Novel
Even though its not voiced by the masterfull Kevin Conroy

(2) Dark Knight


Old: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) with Michael Keaton
New: Definitely The Dark Knight, with the best villain of the story “The Joker” (Heath Ledger)