Favorite Concert You've Been To


Just curious to hear what your favorite concerts are! Doesn’t have to be LP related if it is is you get bonus points! lol

For me the best has to be seeing Shinedown hands down!


Though I loved the LP shows I’ve been to, I immediately thought of that super wild and crazy fun Rise Against show last year. So yeah, that one :smile:


I saw LP last year and last Monday, I saw Shinedown. Both amazing on stage


The 3rd to last LP concert is the only concert I’ve been to.


I have only been to one and that was for my 12th birthday


Good wunderful morning to all soldier
A round World
I 'l take part 2014 LP Konzert but this year i found for my self Offenbach /Mike Shinoda with Don Broco absolutely fantastic bcoz was small location & amazing journey​:heart::kiss::heart:


I was only on one concert in Prague last year and it was the best in my life :slight_smile:


Really jealous of all that have gotten to see LP I was going to go to the one in Minnesota that was canceled. :sob::sob:

@rickvanmeijel I bet Rise Against was a great show!


Some of my favorite shows I’ve been to include..

- Projekt Revolution 2008 in Hartford, CT (it was Chris Cornell’s birthday, and we all sang to him)
- The Big 4 at Yankee Stadium in 2011 (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax)
- Rise Against is always a fun band to see live, I saw them twice in 2012 with A Day To Remember. This also happened.

- Linkin Park with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI at Darien Lake. It was also my second LPU Summit.
- Relient K toured in 2014 for the tenth anniversary of my all-time favorite album, MMHMM
- Linkin Park at the Hollywood Bowl last year
- Mike Shinoda last month on a rooftop in New York City. That was a better show than I was expecting it to be.


Damn erm

Does Festivals count

Download 2011
Seeing S.O.A.D for the first time live on day 2
And Linkin Park on day 3

It was the last time I was at Download

A non LP concert…Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny Tour at the Hammersmith Apollo


Definitely can count festivals - or fairs too lol

I went to a county fair either this year and say Red Rising Sun and SKILLET. Was definitely one of the greatest concerts I’ve been too!


Linkin Park 2017
Bastille 2013, 2018
Foo Fighters 2018
Taylor Swift 2018


Mikes on Tuesday! :star_struck: it was a long set, I had good spot, met him, met grandson, all in all it made for a better experience overall

:thinking: as a show itself in terms of energy, rise against (2018) might have been more amped up…

Saw passenger last Sunday, will see 21 pilots this coming Sunday so that will be awesome too, and skillet (2017) was amazing too! And I will see mike again dec 8 :star_struck:


I’m surprised Dave wasn’t wearing his Member Guest hat this time.


So awesome! Very jealous of you getting to see Mike!

Great photos btw!


Saw LP’s last gig with CB - Birmingham 2017… it was epic. Best concerts ever for me were Pendulum at Printworks London.2018 and Nine Inch Nails at Nottingham Arena 2014. Saw The Prodigy last night - they were awesome too.


Here’s my list. Nine Inch Nails last month makes it to number seven but I don’t think anyone’s surprised what’s number one:

Linkin Park and Friends,
Hollywood Bowl, October 27, 2017
Linkin Park, Roseland, March 12, 2003
Shiny Toy Guns, Jenks, Dec. 2, 2007
STP, Hammerstein, April 23, 2002
Maroon Five, Stone Pony, 6/25/2003
AWOLNATION, Irving Plaza, 6/26/15
Nine Inch Nails, Kings Thea, 10/16/18
Innerpartysystem, Web. Hl., 8/31/11
Foo Fighters, Bamboozle, 5/19/2012
30 Secs to Mars, Wellmont, 4/22/13
Paramore, Conventn. Hall, 8/16/2008
Death Cab 4QT, McCarren, 6/10/2008
Muse, Prudential Center, p. 24, 2010
Linkin Park, Jones Beach, 8/19/2014
Beach Boys, Summerstage, 9/14/16
Ludo, Knitting Fact, Oct. 20, 2008