Favorite Concert You've Been To


I’ve never been to a LP show :cry: but I’ve seen Mike at the Reading Festival in UK, it was really really great!
I’ve also seen Coldplay live, it was amazing! They have so much energy!!



Linkin Park in 2004. I’ve posted this video before but I’ll post it again. I tried to document it way back then a bit:



Non-related with LP I would say, Sum 41 last summer (at Budapest)
Deryck (the Singer of the Band) was just AWESOME! :smiley: He even went to the back row, turned around the people, and made the back row to the front row! :smiley:

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They were amazing was one of the main reasons I wanted to go haha. I have seen FFDP 3 times now so kinda knew what to expect, well thought I did haha. Might have been their best performance.

That is awesome! Something I think more bands should do!

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Meteora Tour was my favourite tour was also the tour I saw LP for my first time



For me it was Foo Fighters last year. They are legends and Dave Grohl is one of the most important musician ever and yet they didn’t looked like superstars. It was like they played just for few friends and not for thousand of people. They were all so natural and it was the most amazing experience. I’ve been to many concerts but the energy that night was different and I hope it’s not just my feeling :smiley:



I got to see them for free this summer! The chemistry between Danny and Matt reminds me so much of Mike and Chester.

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Also, it’s one of the reasons why I love From Ashes To New. :+1::+1:

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Oeeeh let me see… :thinking:

Linkin Park
Being as an ocean
Thy art is murder
Trash boat

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Seeing LP at Download 2014 was incredible :grinning:, watching them perform Hybrid Theory in full was a great moment :wink:



The favorite LP concert I really really regret I didn`t take part in was the one of Rock am Ring 2004.

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That 2004 Rock am Ring concert was my first LP concert.
Awesome setlist! :slight_smile:

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It was unbelivable. If only I could turn back time…



That concert was everything! i could only watched online though :roll_eyes:

Linkin Park in Rock in Rio Lisboa 2012 (that concert was literally the best concert of my life and always will be)

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Oh god…swing life away is one of my favourite song ever!!!
I really hope I’ll be able to see them live one day :black_heart: