Favorite Concert You've Been To


I’ve never been to a LP show :cry: but I’ve seen Mike at the Reading Festival in UK, it was really really great!
I’ve also seen Coldplay live, it was amazing! They have so much energy!!


Linkin Park in 2004. I’ve posted this video before but I’ll post it again. I tried to document it way back then a bit:


Non-related with LP I would say, Sum 41 last summer (at Budapest)
Deryck (the Singer of the Band) was just AWESOME! :smiley: He even went to the back row, turned around the people, and made the back row to the front row! :smiley:


They were amazing was one of the main reasons I wanted to go haha. I have seen FFDP 3 times now so kinda knew what to expect, well thought I did haha. Might have been their best performance.

That is awesome! Something I think more bands should do!


Meteora Tour was my favourite tour was also the tour I saw LP for my first time