Favorite Linkin Park studio album?


Mine has to be A Thousand Suns. I listened to that album on repeat, nonstop for months when it first came out. It’s actually my favorite album of all time! I also really loved the whole “nuclear war” aesthetic and “glitchy” art style. (Idk if that makes sense but it does to me lol)

What's your guy's favorite Linkin Park album
I'm just wondering what is everyone favorite album from linkin park
What's your guy's favorite Linkin Park album
Linkin Park albums

Umm… i’d choose Hybrid Theory, cause I listen to it since I remember! :smile: Hahaha, I have a lot of memories, nice memories with this album, most of them are related to my childhood :blush: everytime I listen any song of this album it’s like a flashback! :relieved: and also 'cause it’s so damn powerful! My fav song is Points Of Authority, it’s like the best mix of Rap / Rock :relaxed:


Mine are Meteora and Living Things. Meteora because every word seems to come from my thoughts. I identify myself with it very much. Listening to it makes me feel alive, because of Chesters aggression while he sings.
And Living Things because of the many electronic parts. I’m an Depeche Mode fan (and other bands in this way) and I listen to electronic music very much.


A Thousand Suns is my favorite for many many reasons… The Hunting Party and Meteora are following in the 2nd place with Hybrid Theory in the 3rd.


My favorite Studio Album is Hybrid theory always!
Second one is Living Things and i can’t tell you why, sorry :wink:


A Thousand Suns. I think
But I love the Living Things also. Not to mention how much I liked the THP


For me it’s Hybrid Theory because I’m a big fan of LP since I heard this album, and also Living Things and The Hunting Party are amazing! :slight_smile:


I find this question actually tougher than the “best song”. When I first heard “Minutes to Midnight”, I was not really impressed. But it simply grew on me later. I think that has never happened to me for any album ever. So yes, I vote for M2M.


Hybrid Theory and Meteora but actually A Thousand Suns too :smiley:


My favorite studio album is “A Thousand Suns” :blush:
and “The Hunting Party” too :wink:


The Hunting Party and Hybrid Theory!


A Thousand Suns.

It feels more like an album from beginning to end, rather than a collection of songs, and it’s always a journey and an experience to listen to.


If you had asked me a year ago I likely would have said Meteora. But with The Hunting Party being a thing now…I’m not so sure. Really depends on the day now. For now I’d still say Meteora (nostalgia) but The Hunting Party is a VERY close second.


Hybrid Theory, mainly because it’s the only album where there isn’t a song I’d skip over while listening to it

What is your favorite album?

I think A Thousand Suns… i hear the album every day!


@TripleXero is cornered and interrogation begins which ones will you skip in each of the others (studio albums only).

@yassi If I remember correctly, ATS polarised the critics the most, but in here at LPU, it seems to be the most popular album. That’s what amazes me the most.


My favorite albums are The Hunting Party and Living things


Meteora & The Hunting Party :slight_smile: <3


Hm tough question, but if I had to choose I’d probably take hybrid theory… although the hunting party, meteora and living things are amazing too… :blush:


My favourite has to be A Thousand Suns. I was given the CD as a birthday gift when it was released, and it remains a pretty awesome album that I often listen to.