Favorite Live Song


Personally, I think Linkin Park is (like many bands) a better live band than a studio band. They’re well-known for having a great live show, and utilizing as many singles as they can to make sure everyone that comes to to see them have a great experience.

Everyone has their own favorite, or least favorite, LP song and come out to the show to hear them live. When my dad and I saw the Honda Civic Tour in Mansfield this past summer, he was disappointed to learn that ‘Crawling’ wasn’t played, as it’s one of his favorites.

My question is, in regards to the live show, do you have a favorite live Linkin Park song? Do you have a favorite from the past? Maybe one they used to play, or an old or maybe earlier version of some of the songs they still play today?

For me, personally, ‘When They Come For Me’ has quickly become one of, if not, my favorite live songs.

From the past, I’ve always been a fan of the ‘With You’ opener from the Meteora World Tour in 2004


Wth You, definitely. And also Faint with the outro as well as Somewhere I Belong /w intro :smiley:


The Leave Out All The Rest, Iridescent, and Shadow of the Day medley made me emotional when I saw the band live. Definitely my favourite moment of the night.


For me, WIth You, Figure.09 and A Place For My Head


I agree with all you! WTCFM rocked! LOATR actually made me cry because it reminded me of my deceased daughter…


Faint! :d Specially the ending!


victimized/QWERTY, points of authority, and with you


I’ve only been to one concert so I can’t really judge based on that, but my favorite performances that day were A Place For My Head and the LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent medley.


numb :slight_smile: random question here, howd you make your siignature to be a pic? coz i cant figure out how to do it :confused:


Definitely HIGH VOLTAGE for me [mrgreen]
Other favs are With You, Figure.09 & Blackout!


With You, In The End and A Place For My Head!


For me: Given Up, Lost in the echo and One step closer.




I like the extended version of Faint, One step Closer, NO MORE SORROW, and Place for my Head


Yeah a good question…
It’s difficult to fix on one, but I would say IN THE END is ONE of the best, because that is the point when EVERYONE is singing so loudly with Chester,…it’s just AMAZING…:wink:


“No More Sorrow”!! And maybe “In The End” & “Crawling”


“Faint”, “Numb” and “Bleed It Out”.


when i go and see linkin park i always like to hear bleed it out it makes my day even better and i don’t want it to end , that song makes me want to jump up and its really cool… My second favorite is somewhere i belong 3rd is in the end 4th place of my head and the rest of there songs i like as well and there all at my 5th because there all i like ??? LP for LIFE BABYYYYYYY


'Breaking the Habit" (for the whole emotional thing that’s for Chester and for me, scream this song is so fucking good), “With you” (because of reasons) and “In the End” (the music I feel in love with them 11 years ago and the vibe of everybody screaming and rapping and singing around you is amazing).


For me it has to be Faint :smiley: