Favorite LP song let’s go!


Leave your favorite song below mine is “Leave Out all The Rest” (Minutes to Midnight)


My favorite songs of linkin park is in the end. I am sorry but i don’t have any songs that i don’t like with lp


Mine is Numb, but all the songs of LP are my favorite. So yeah.


It’s so hard to pick just one! Well as much as I love anything on Meteora I’m going to pick No Roads Left from MTM (I think it was released on the tour edition?). Love the crazy good vocals from Mike :heart:


Yes MTM the deluxe version though


I’ve given up! I can’t choose!!


iridescent waiting for the end


Breaking the Habit, but I think its Changing from time to time


Waiting for the end, then everything else equally loved


*Shadow Of The Day*
It’s hard to decide because I :sparkling_heart: all LP songs


Waiting for the end last night was so amazing. that’s the song that picked the hole thing up and made it like a party.


I have 2 favorite song in the end and heavy. I love all of there songs.


In the end and one more light…


The opening song from yesterday: Iridescent.


I can’t choose one, but at the moment - I’m pretty obsessed with Looking For An Answer.


It was a great thing to hear new music


Quite the tough one. It’s probably tied for Hit The Floor (Meteora), Hands Held High (MTM), or I’ll Be Gone (Living Things)


I love all their songs but if you force me to pick a favorite it’s a tie between The Messenger, Hands Held High and Somewhere I belong, I cannot choose between them.


By Favorite is Faint. But my favorite album is the Hunting Party


I’m a new fan, so i still have to listen to most song but my fav ones now are castle of glass and battle symphony and all the others i love equally( of which i have heard).