Favorite LP song let’s go!


A place for my head…


My favorite songs of linkin park is in the end and heavy


Roads untraveled because I’ve been through this pain for years.


If I have to choose only one it would be Papercut.


My all time favorite song is crawling it’s a classic


All LP songs are awesome! But my favourite has to be Somewhere I Belong. So epic🤘


Hmmm I’d say pushing me away. I love it because of how they adapt it to the type of album they are currenty promoting. The song easily fits the by metal sound as well as pop, grunge, or pure metal. It’s a song that just fits in every category.


I take it back, I meant to say Looking For An Answer, it’s a tear driving song in honor of Chester Bennington. Keep strong soldiers


My favorite songs of linkin park is in the end it the first song i herd when i was going through a rough time in my life but chester voice help me though a lot. Even now I’m still going through a rough time. It still helps me


Ok I think we get that now.:joy:


Pushing Me Away (Reanimation). Been on an ipod, of some type, since 2002. My go to workout playlist.


Hands held high :open_hands:t2:


I know i keep saying my favorite is in the end. Sorry about that. I know u guy’s get it. Lol there other favorite songs I have . Next time I’ll tell u something else


Roads untraveled and sharp edges :heart:




Papercut and faint


My December and a place for my head


That’s my favorite as well


Yeah mike did do a good job on that and it also showed how much Chester meant to him


Very hard question. I´d say One Step Closer, Final Masquerade, and I´ll Be Gone. But there are sooo many more!!!