Favorite LP song let’s go!


Actually every song is my favorite The Catalyst, Wasteland, My December


I have to say Leave Out All The Rest


That is good one mine Somewhere I belong @melissa320


Love it that’s my #1


I really love numb,sometimes it talks about me


I love all songs from LP , but i kinda love more Forgotten for better combining Rap with Rock


One more light that has been my new favorite song


Again, I don’t have just one favorite, but crawling and numb are 2 for sure. Also waiting for the end, the catalyst, burn it down, one more light, invisible, bleed it out, leave out all the rest, in the end, etc.


Bit off topic and I’m not sure who to ask but how do I become a “Regular” On this I feel like I come on here all the time.


Just keep coming here, reading threads and replying til you get it. I felt the same way then one morning I woke up to it.


Right now my song is Rolling In The Deep cover.


shadows of the day


Love it at the Hollywood Bowl with With or Without you feetering Ryan Key


Right now it is Rebellion!!!


what rebellion


I’ve always loved Rebellion


Somewhere I belong


One more light


Hi @melisLP I am into the songs from the Hunting Party. lately Cause Mike sings a alot He has a softer way of saying the words and I always loved heavy guitar and Chester he just adds t o the whole picture So perfect and lately the y have been sending out the songs with the words Can’t get enough of LP Have a nice week


I feel the same. The Hunting Party is an underrated album.