Favorite LPU Demo


Hey guys what’s your favorite LPU unreleased demo track? Mine is What We Don’t Know LPU 10. What about yours?


Dedicated on LPU 2 cd :heart::grin:


Homecoming - LPU 12


It’s hard, but right now:

Primo - LPU 13.


At the moment, LPU13 Cumulus


A hard choice, but I guess I agree with you on WWDK


Rhinoceros - LPUXIV


Lpu 1 so far away


So far away is LPU 12


Yeah, LPU 1 is too far away :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sorry i messed up


I thought your where a die hard LP fan​:joy: just kidding :smile:


Halo, Across The Line, Dedicated, all of the songs from LPU1, Primo, Debris, Pepper…

The list goes on and on


I like that to but actually Across The Line is a part of the Minutes to Midnight deluxe version. That would disqualify it from beginning a true LPU demo.


I’ll swap it with Aubrey One and Cumulus, :wink:


LPU13 Pretty Birdy!