Favorite Shinoda songs


I wonder… Which is your favorite top 3 songs from Mike’s solo album?
Mine is:
1: Can’t hear you now
2: Lift Off
3: Brooding

I’m eager to see yours

  1. Running from my shadow
  2. Lift off (:muscle:t2::muscle:t2:)
  3. World’s on fire


I love the entire album, so this is kinda hard to chose. :joy:
I guess my faves are:

  1. Watching As I Fall
  2. Can’t Hear You Now
  3. Prove You Wrong

  1. Can’t hear you now
  2. Over again
  3. World’s on fire

Well, everything is so great but with those ones he speaks for me


Honestly I love all of them and top 3 is changing all the time, right now, its:

  • Prove You Wrong
  • Place To Start
  • Watching As I Fall


World’s On Fire
Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
Make It Up As I Go


Running From My Shadow
Promises I Can’t Keep
Watching As I Fall


Promises I Can’t Keep
Prove You Wrong


Prove You Wrong
Over Again

But I agree with @callmeanne all are great and I feel like mine change all the time too


Hold it together
Make it up as I go
Crossing a line
Prove you wrong

I really couldn’t pick only three (5 was already difficult) they’re all good

  1. Nothing makes sense anymore (still waiting to hear it live :persevere::disappointed_relieved:)
  2. Running from my shadow
  3. Ghosts or Over again (different because of personla mood)

with Fort Minor:

  1. Where’d you go
  2. Welcome
  3. Kenji or Remember the name or Petrified or High Road (different because of personal mood)


Oh, that‘s hard. :sweat_smile: I picked 4. :heart: These are my faves from Post Traumatic:

  1. Over Again
  2. Prove You Wrong
  3. Crossing a Line
  4. About You


  1. Promises I Can’t Keep
  2. Can’t Hear You Now
  3. Watching As I Fall


Fort Minor:
1.Remember the name
2.Red to black
Post Traumatic:
1.Can’t hear you now
2.Watching as i fall
3.Prove you wrong


Prove you wrong.
Over again.
Running from my shadow.


Fort Minor:
Remember The Name
Get Me Gone
High Road
Believe Me

Post Traumatic:
Crossing A Line
Place To Start
Running From My Shadow
Hold It Together
Can’t Hear You Now

  1. Over again
  2. hold it together
  3. Ghosts
    But I mean, I LOVE post Traumatic, all the songs!!!


I love all of them!! :+1::heart:


1.Prove You Wrong
2. Brooding
3.Running from my shadow


And from Fort Minor
1.Where’d you go
3.Remember The Name